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Oppose David Friedman's appointment as Ambassador to Israel

No matter what your perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, David Friedman is uniquely unfit to serve as Ambassador to Israel, one of the most complex, sensitive diplomatic posts in the world. A bankruptcy lawyer who has represented Trump in the past, Mr. Friedman lacks the temperament and judgment for the role. His baseless accusations and reckless rhetoric are dangerous and inflammatory.

This is among the most complex diplomatic posts in the world. Mr. Friedman, who is Mr. Trump's bankruptcy lawyer, lacks the temperament or judgment for this sensitive post.

Mr. Friedman's reckless rhetoric is also dangerous. He has attacked fellow Jews “as worse than kapos” (Nazi collaborators) when they disagree with him. He, falsely and publicly, accused a Clinton aide as having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is antithetical to the temperament required to represent our country in any capacity.

Moreover, Mr. Friedman's open contempt for international law make him unsuited to any diplomatic post. A diplomat without respect for diplomacy will create more problems than he solves.

(Optional for Jewish Americans: As a member of the American Jewish community, I believe that Israel's very existence as a democratic Jewish state depends on securing a just and lasting peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. An unqualified, volatile bankruptcy attorney cannot represent Jewish or American interests productively.

Senators should know that the majority of Jewish Americans oppose the views and the values that this nominee represents, and that his confirmation to serve in this position would undermine the core values underlying the US-Israel relationship and to endanger both American and Israeli interests.

I call on all friends of Israel who believe its future, democracy and security depend on a two-state solution and effective American leadership and support to join Jewish Americans in opposing this nomination.)

Please oppose his nomination, visibly and vocally.

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